litionary 3

Rinny’s Litionary Ep. 3

July 16, 2018

Heeeeeyyy guys,

Today’s episode is SUUUPER special. We are thrilled to welcome our dearest Whit (!!) to this Circle of LITness.

In honor of our newest member, I bring to you:


Other uses:

  1. flex

  2. flexin’ on the gram

  3. straight flexin’

  4. flex on ‘em

  5. flexin’ in my complexion


flexin’: showing off what you got; not to be confused with the contraction of thy muscles; not always used with a negative connotation, can alternatively be used as a compliment

Difficulty: 8/10 – Advanced

Synonyms: flashy, flaunting, bragging; lookin fresh

Using it in a sentence:

*Marcus posts pic in his Lambo on his Instagram*

Joe: Marcus be straight flexin’ on the gram

*Whit rolls up with a new bag*

Interns: OOoo giirrrl u be flexin’. WERRRRK!     


I would say the most difficult thing about this phrase is that it doesn’t come up that often, but when it does you’ll be sounding like the freshest slice on the street. So get out there and flex your newest LITerary terms and you’ll be hanging with all the kewl kid$.

BONUS: I wanted to show you a dance that has been going around lately. It is called #dotheshiggy to Drake’s latest song, “In My Feelings.” The OG Shiggy Show is featured first. Here are a couple of my favorite renditions:

ENJOY and have a beautiful week!


Eat  Play  Love,

Rinny Shim | Production Intern

DDB San Francisco

M: 714-383-3986