litionary 5

Rinny’s Litionary Ep. 5

July 30, 2018

Hello hello,

I apologize for the delay, but today's LITionary comes out after hours. Thank you for being so patient!

This week, I bring to you:


To clarify: bomb dot com has been around and I'm sure you have all heard of it. But the twist to this one is giving love to other domain sources.

Other Uses:

  1. bomb dot com

  2. bomb dot gov

  3. bomb dot net

  4. bomb dot edu


bomb dot com: being better than the rest; the bees knees

Difficulty: 8.5/10 – Advanced

Synonyms: the illest, hype, dopamine

Using it in a sentence:

Jeffrey: Yo did you hear about Prof Johnson's latest project assignment

You: Yeah man! It looks bomb dot edu.

So as you can see, the sole meaning behind each use is the same, but depending on the context of the situation you will be able to use the appropriate source. Always safe to use bomb dot com, but if you're feeling adventurous, don't be afraid to throw in of your own lil flava flave. I have faith you will all be able to catch on in no time.


Bless you all,

Rinny Shim | Production Intern

DDB San Francisco       

M: 714-383-3986