litionary 6

Rinny’s Litionary Ep. 6

August 6, 2018

Happy Monday everybody! 

This one is coming at you rapid fire.

This week, I bring to you: 


Other uses:

  1. Skrrt skrrt

  2. Skrrt the dirt


skrrt: noise made when driving a car and wheels screeching; when you’re in an awkward situation and you need to get out of it

Difficulty: 7.5/10 – Intermediate

Synonyms: boutta dipskis; leaving; dipping; a GR8 filler word for when you have nothing else to say

Using it in a sentence:

*any rap song plays*

You: skrrt skrrt

*You finish all of your projects for the day in the best manner possible*

You: Imma skrrt outta here real quick. PEACE!


Live Recording of A1 Usage: Bad and Boujee - Migos


I hope this word is in your back pocket for when you need to drop some knowledge. You can even say it when you’re bored, but MAJOR KEY: you must commit to the pitch, the vibe, & the swag of these OG Rappers. Another note is that I would never use more than 2 “skrrt’s” in a sentence.



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