litionary 7

Rinny’s Litionary Ep. 7

August 13, 2018

Sup fam! 

Can you believe how fast the summer has flown by?! As some of you may know, this is my last week of the Launchpad program. So I just wanted to use this platform to say thank you for staying tuned these last couple of weeks and I may even continue doing this as a personal project. If you’d like to stay “subscribed” please reply and let me know. 

Today’s word, holds a special place in my heart. The birth of this word was in December 2016 at a friend’s birthday dinner. Since then I have been able to share it with friends across all lands. I bring to you:


Other uses:

  1. f’litty

  2. f’litty titty

  3. f’litness to the maximus


f’lit: when you’re full but also really lit; full + lit = f’lit; not to be confused with “filet” 

Difficulty: 4/10 - Easy 

Synonyms: lit, stuffed ‘n yarnt

Using it in a sentence:

*You’re at dinner. You’ve had one too many cocktails and maybe you shouldn’t have had that last taquito, but...*

You: i’m F’LIT!!!


I hope you are all able to slide this into all your dinner convos and show people what you’re made of. Let’s all live life to f’littest.


Thank you all!

Rinny Shim | Production Intern

DDB San Francisco

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